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The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is an essential part of the academic and social fabric of the MIT SDM community. SLC members volunteer their time to pursue the committee’s goals. These include forging lasting friendships within the cohort, enriching the educational and social experience at SDM, giving back to the broader community, and serving as peer leaders.

The committee organizes bi-monthly social gatherings to unite the SDM community. The SLC also serves as the voice of the student body, representing their opinions and concerns to SDM faculty and staff. It works to establish and maintain connections with other programs across MIT, such as Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) and ongoing events like the MIT Energy Conference. Several SLC members serve as part of the Sloan Senate and represent the SDM community to the Sloan student governance system.

SLC is also responsible for several student-led SDM events that range from a winter ski trip to a spring formal to community service “giving back” days. Being a part of the committee offers many opportunities, such as valuable networking, honing peer leadership skills, and practical experience in financial management and negotiation. The SLC operates with a high degree of autonomy and manages its own budget, empowering members to create positive change in their SDM community.

To reach out to the SLC, please email sdmslc.info@mit.edu.

2023-2024 SLC Members

Headshot of Mohammed Al SehaliHeadshot of Caroline VincentPhoto of Busola Onobamise MarcusHeadshot of Anshul Agarwal
Mohammed Al-Sehali
SLC President
Caroline Vincent
Vice President, Community
Busola Onobamise Marcus
Vice President, PR & Academics
Anshul Agarwal
Vice President, Finance
Headshot of Lal BahadurHeadshot of Tim BlackfordHeadshot of William DaleHeadshot of Carrie Deline
Lal Bahadur
Tim Blackford
William Dale
Carrie Deline
Headshot of Andrew GrabowskiHeadshot of Divya IyerHeadshot of Prashant KumarHeadshot of Rachel Lin
Andrew Grabowski
Divya Iyer
Prashant Kumar
Rachel Lin
Headshot of karim ShalashHeadshot of Rita Uganden-TeryliaHeadshot of Braden BrowerMichal Delkowsky
Karim Shalash
Public Relations
Rita Uganden-Teryila
Public Relations
Braden Brower
Sloan Senate
Michal Delkowski
Sloan Senate
Headshot of Samuel GomezHeadshot of Carlos MelgarejoHeadshot of Duncan MillerHeadshot of Amandeep Singh
Samuel Gomez
Sloan Senate
Carlos Melgarejo
Sloan Senate
Duncan Miller
Sloan Senate
Amandeep Singh
Sloan Senate

Not pictured: Lauren Gutierrez, Community

2022-2023 Senate

Co-Presidents: Kyle Ensley, Deepali Kishnani
Vice President, Community: Michael Case
Vice President, Relations: Divya Iyer
Community Committee: Warren Anderson, Meredith Biechele, Yizheng He, Em Lauber, Paola Leon, Koji Takahashi, Angelina Toro, Zoe Zhang
Relations Committee: David Gottdiener, Florence Thatcher
Sloan Senators: Duncan Miller, Amandeep Singh, Ben Tang