Siddharth Bajpai

SDM ’18
B.E. Mechanical Engineering, M.B.A.

Siddharth Bajpai’s career has landed him in vastly different spheres over the years, from design and manufacturing for automotive subsystems to more recently working as a technical product manager in the cloud-based consumer tech space. Regardless of the path, he notes that there has always been a single thread that holds it all together.

“While I come from these two dramatically different backgrounds, they are united by the focus on design and creating a valuable experience for the end customer,” he says. “They also involve being able to handle really complex, large scale technical projects.”

Learn more about Siddharth’s SDM experience in his full interview.

Current SDM Student

Adèle Cadario

SDM ‘18
M.S./B.S. Civil Engineering
M.S. Urban Planning and Regional Strategies

With degrees in civil engineering and urban planning, Adèle Cadario spent nearly seven years working in neighborhood development for the city of Paris prior to joining the SDM program. Originally looking for an MBA, Adèle found the SDM program appealing, as it would allow her to develop a new strength in management, finance and the kind of MBA type of skills while also shifting her engineering capabilities.

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SDM Alum

Kate Cantu

SDM ’15
B.A. Chemistry, M.B.A. Project Management

Selected by her employer, the United States Air Force, Kate Cantu was given the chance to join the 2014 SDM cohort as a professional development opportunity, building on her role as a program manager.

“I always tell people, despite the Air Force selecting me, it was an absolute dream,” Kate said. “It is an amazing program that aligns with everything I do for the Air Force and is applicable to a broad range of people, whether they are tech experts wanting to grow, or if they skew more to the side of being program managers that want to grow their development to be better managers of complex technical systems.”

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James Collins
Events and Logistics Assistant

James Collins

James coordinates logistics, events, and related activities for the SDM master’s and certificate programs. In addition, he provides support to the SDM Student Leadership Committee and assists with logistics for student events.

Current SDM Student

Lisa Crofoot

SDM ‘18
B.A.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
M.A.Sc. Solar Energy

Prior to joining the SDM program, Lisa was a systems engineer for a manufacturing company in Canada that designed large structural mechanical systems. With a number of pretty complex projects on her plate, SDM originally piqued her interest as a way to get the formal training in systems engineering that she needed to manage the types of challenges she faced on the job.

By the time she applied, Lisa was hoping to transition to a role where she would have a bit more strategic influence.

Learn more about Lisa’s SDM experience in her full interview.

Steven Derocher
Senior IT Manager

Steven Derocher

Steven envisions and directs the use of technology in furthering the mission of SDM and the student experience. He manages information technology for students and staff, including websites, applications, servers and systems, educational technologies, and audio/visual and distance education technologies.

Amal Elalam
Admissions Coordinator

Amal Elalam

Amal manages all aspects of the admissions process including processing applications, assisting prospective students with the admissions process, scheduling visits and interviews, and collaborating with the admissions team to complete the review and admissions process.

She also serves newly admitted students, explaining institute policies and enrollment and planning admissions-related events and activities, and works with MIT Graduate Admissions to ensure students are properly enrolled.

Office: E40-335

Steven Eppinger
SDM Faculty Co-Director, Professor of Management Science

Steven Eppinger

Steven Eppinger is a professor of management science at the MIT Sloan School of Management and a faculty co-director of the SDM program. He holds the General Motors Leaders for Global Operations Chair and served as deputy dean of Sloan from 2004 to 2009; he has also served as co-director of the Leaders for Global Operations (formerly Leaders For Manufacturing) program. Steven’s research focuses on improving product design and development processes. He serves on the Advisory Board of Design Society, on the Research Advisory Council of Design Management Institute, on the Advisory Board of Directors of Society of Concurrent Product Development, and on the Advisory Council of Portland International Center for Management of Engineering & Technology (PICMET). He holds SB, SM, and ScD degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT.

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Erik Ferris

Erik handles day to day IT and technology needs for the SDM program, as well as managing the filming and broadcast of virtual information sessions and the SDM Systems Thinking Webinar Series.

Bill Foley
Academic Administrator, SDM & IDM

Bill Foley

Bill assists students with course registration, degree audits and lists, collection of theses, and class scheduling.

Communications and Alumni Administrator

Naomi Gutierrez

Naomi manages communications and alumni relations for the SDM program. She oversees the website and manages the department’s social media, as well as planning and hosting the SDM Systems Thinking Webinar Series. As the alumni administrator, she maintains connections with more than a thousand SDM alumni around the world, staying in touch through newsletters and running events for alums in Cambridge and elsewhere.

Office: E40-318b
SDM Twitter

Douglas Hague

SDM ‘99
M.S. Metals Science & Engineering
Ph.D. Materials Science

Dr. Hague enrolled in the SDM program as a sponsored employee at Pratt & Whitney as he transitioned from a role in manufacturing to a role in the office of the Chief Engineer. Since graduating, he has served in multiple leadership roles and most recently was named the inaugural Executive Director of the School of Data Science at UNC Charlotte.

Learn more about Dr. Hague’s SDM experience in his full interview.

Current SDM Student

Nicholas Hanley

SDM ‘19

Nicholas Hanley is an instructor pilot and program manager in the Navy. After deciding to pursue a Master’s degree, he was accepted into the Fleet Scholars Education Program and completed a one-year Naval postgraduate program before applying to SDM.

“For a naval pilot and career officer, pursuing a master’s degree requires a brief hiatus from what’s normally a strictly enforced ‘golden path.’ There was a little bit of career risk involved, but I really wanted to prioritize my education, and it’s been worth it.”

Learn more about Nick’s SDM experience in his full interview.

Melat Hunde
Administrative Assistant

Melat Hunde

Melat provides primary support to the executive director, career development manager, and financial officer. She assists the rest of the department with communications, planning, logistics, and other administrative support. Melat works in collaboration with other staff to build and maintain relationships with students, faculty across MIT, alumni, and industry in order to further the goals of the SDM community.

Office: E40-326c

Ryan Liebel
Distance Education Specialist

Ryan Liebel

Ryan assists in the live broadcast of the SDM core class that enables students to participate in class at a distance. Ryan also provides AV services and video production, and captures SDM events through a variety of media.

Office: E40-308/1-390A

Industry and Certificate Co-Director

Ben Linville-Engler

Ben Linville-Engler is a member of the core leadership team for the SDM program. He identifies and works with senior-level executives and thought leaders within industry to recognize engineering, business, technology, and societal trends that influence the full lifecycle of complex systems. This includes collaborations on organizational transformations and research through sponsored projects and other offerings that leverage MIT SDM’s systems thinking approach applied to engineering, design, and strategic decision making.

Ben also leads the Graduate Certificate in Systems and Product Development program, including admissions, sponsorship, curriculum, and instruction of the certificate capstone projects that address real-time industry problems. He works to support student development through mentorship and coaching based on his professional and MIT experience.

Office: E40-331

Suzanne Livingston

SDM ‘13
B.S. Management Information Systems
M.B.A. Human Factors in Information Design

When Suzanne Livingston came to SDM in 2013, she had both a technical background and an MBA under her belt, however, in her role as an offering manager at IBM, she desired to grow in analytical and systems thinking.

“I was working with a global team and building products that scaled to millions of users over many years. I needed an engineering focus, not just a business focus,” she said. “The SDM program was balanced – a focus on engineering and a current view of strategic analysis frameworks from Sloan.”

Learn more about Suzanne’s SDM experience in her full interview.

Jazy Ma
Senior Financial and Administrative Officer, SDM & IDM

Jazy Ma

Jazy manages financial matters for the SDM and IDM programs and oversees budget and spending. She also manages HR processes such as student appointments to teaching assistantships, handles tuition adjustments, and assists with purchasing and reimbursements.

Office: E40-326G

Current SDM Student

Kevin McDonough

SDM ‘18
B.S. Computer Engineering

Getting a master’s degree has always been something Kevin McDonough intended to do. After jumping into the software world post-undergrad, 12 years passed working in healthcare IT software before the desire really began to take shape.

“I have worked for the same company in various roles, and over that time my responsibilities shifted from pure engineering to working with teams to improve their efficiency,” Kevin says. “At one point I was hiring for a new team in the Boston area, while also looking for interns, and seeing all these 5th-year master’s students in the midst of their thesis made me realize the time was now.”

Learn more about Kevin’s SDM experience in his full interview.

Bryan Moser
Academic Director, Senior Lecturer, Director of the Global Teamwork Lab

Bryan Moser

Dr. Bryan Moser leads the teaching team for SDM core courses and is responsible for shaping the learning objectives and quality of delivery of SDM related courses and research. He directs the Global Teamwork Lab (GTL) at the University of Tokyo. Prior to returning to MIT in 2014, he worked for 25 years in industry at companies such as Nissan Motor Company, United Technologies Corporation, and as founder and President of Global Project Design, a firm pioneering software and methods for model-based project management.

Bryan focuses on engineering teamwork for complex systems problems and use of model-based methods to improve performance of diverse teams. He received a Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering in 1987 and a S.M. in Technology and Policy from the MIT in 1989. His doctorate in 2012 is from the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences.

To learn more about Bryan’s perspective on SDM, read his full interview.

Office: E40-329

Amanda C. Peters
Manager, Career Development for SDM and IDM

Amanda C. Peters

Amanda manages career development for master’s students and alumni, including career coaching, employer engagement, and event delivery and organization. Amanda has worked in career counseling for over 15 years, including at Harvard Kennedy School and Boston University. Her clients have ranged from first year undergraduates and PhD students in higher education to refugees and asylees at a nonprofit organization.

Office: E40-336

Current SDM Student

Daryl Phua

SDM ‘19
M.Eng. Mechanical Engineering

A native of Singapore, Daryl has spent his career in the public service in a variety of roles including program management, international relations and policy, and logistics management. He learned about the program from a former colleague who is an SDM alum and was excited by the opportunity to build both technical and management skills sets in a single program.

Daryl was attracted to SDM’s diverse cohort and the many opportunities for networking with other experienced working professionals from different industries.

Learn more about Daryl’s SDM experience in his full interview.


Executive Director, SDM Program and Senior Lecturer

Joan Rubin

Joan joined MIT with over 20 years of experience leading technical marketing, corporate strategy, and merger and acquisition teams. She oversees all aspects of the SDM program, hosting information sessions and interviewing prospective students in the admissions cycle, chairing the annual review of the core curriculum, and serving as a thesis advisor for many students.

Joan started her career at Haemonetics, where she held various management positions in marketing. Prior to joining SDM, she was the Vice President of Business Development at Aspect Medical Systems and Covidien, where she led a global team managing technology acquisition and strategy.

Office: E40-327

Fady Saad
SDM Alum

Fady Saad

SDM ‘11
B.S. Mechanical Engineering; Industrial Engineering and Design

A native of Egypt, Fady had spent the first 8 years of his career working for Siemens and Nokia in Europe and North Africa deploying large-scale telecommunication networks. He was ready to transition out of corporate life and was excited by the field of complex systems as he pursued his interest in building and scaling companies.

After graduating from SDM, Fady co-founded MassRobotics, the largest robotics commercialization hub in the United States.

Learn more about Fady’s SDM experience in his full interview.