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On February 14, Reini D. Wirahadikusumah, President of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and professor of civil and environmental engineering, visited the SDM offices. ITB is a leading technical university in Indonesia, and it has recently partnered with MIT for the MIT-Indonesia Seed Funds, part of the MIT Innovation Initiative. Dr. Wirahadikusumah was joined by Dr. Andi Cakravastia Arisaputra Raja, director of ITB development and senior lecturer of industrial engineering, on the visit to MIT.

Dr. Wirahadikusumah and Dr. Cakravastia were welcomed by SDM and IDM staff and students for a discussion about multidisciplinary programs and how these programs can prepare the next generation of engineering leaders in Indonesia to face pressing challenges and new opportunities. SDMer Ajie Nayaka Nikicio and IDMer Nyoman Anjani facilitated the visit. We thank Dr. Wirahadikusumah and Dr. Cakravastia for visiting us and look forward to further opportunities for communication and collaboration!