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SDM does not have designated scholarships or fellowships for students in the master’s degree program or graduate certificate program. Students may explore the following options to assist in financing their education.

Teaching or Research Assistantships

Many master’s degree students are able to secure funding through a teaching or research assistantship (TA/RA) during their time in the program. 

TA and RA opportunities vary widely and are dependent upon the funding from the sponsoring faculty; however, they typically cover a large portion of the tuition and include a living stipend. 

Assistantships are very difficult to secure for the first semester, but there are significant options once you are on campus. Many SDM students are able to secure TA or RA appointments beginning their second semester, though this is not guaranteed. 

For more information on TA and RA appointments, please visit the Student Financial Services website and the Office of Graduate Education website.

Competitive Fellowships

There are fellowships at MIT funded by donors, corporations, and outside entities. These fellowships are open competitively to all graduate students at the Institute. SDM students may apply for these opportunities if they meet the criteria of the individual fellowships. For more information, please visit the SFS website and the OGE Fellowships website.


Some graduate students may need loans to finance part or all of the cost of their education at MIT. For information about loans and the application process, please visit the SFS website.

For more detailed information regarding the cost of attendance at MIT, including Institute fees, books and supplies, housing, food, and transportation, please visit the SFS website.