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SDM does not have designated scholarships or fellowships for students in the master’s degree program or graduate certificate program. Students may explore the following options to assist in financing their education.

Teaching or Research Assistantships

Many master’s degree students are able to secure funding through a teaching or research assistantship (TA/RA) during their time in the program. 

TA and RA opportunities vary widely and are dependent upon the funding from the sponsoring faculty; however, they typically cover a large portion of the tuition and include a living stipend. 

Assistantships are very difficult to secure for your first semester, but there are significant options once you are on campus. Many SDM students are able to secure TAs or RAs beginning their second semester, though not guaranteed. 

Private Student Loan Options

Discover has designed a private student loan option for business students who do not qualify for standard student loans

Although these Discover loans are designated for international students studying business, they are available for SDM master’s students since the SDM degree is considered an approved Sloan program. 

For more detailed information regarding the cost of attendance, including specific costs for tuition and fees, books and supplies, housing and food as well as transportation, please visit the SFS website.