Vineet Thuvara is first SDM graduate to win McGovern Award

May 12, 2006

Vineet Thuvara, who will graduate from the System Design and Management program in June, 2006, is the first SDM graduate to win the prestigious Patrick J. McGovern, Jr., ’59 Entrepreneurship Award. The award is presented annually to an individual student or student team that has made a significant impact on the quality, visibility, and overall spirit of entrepreneurship education and support across the Institute. It honors McGovern, an accomplished entrepreneur, life member of the MIT Corporation, and a major contributor to the Institute community.

Thuvara’s award letter specifically cited his "amazing support" for the classes in which he was a TA, as well as his willingness to help at the MIT Entrepreneurship Center with associated projects, student organizations and individual initiatives. According to the letter, this "shows that you understand that entrepreneurship is a contact sport; that no one succeeds in a vacuum and that the path to one’s individual success is strongly correlated with one’s willingness and ability to help others succeed. Because of your work many students have and will continue to benefit from the fount of Entrepreneurial spirit that MIT offers."

As a TA for course 15.398, Corporations at the Crossroads-The CEO Perspective, Thuvara was instrumental in convincing some of America’s most successful CEOs to speak to his class. Many also accepted his invitation to have dinner with a group of students prior to the class and also agreed to set up connections for students to discuss their internship and job interests with their companies.

The CEOs who spoke at the spring 2006 class include: Bob Pozen, Chairman, MFS Investments; Larry Haverty, Associate Portfolio Manager, Gabelli Global Multimedia Trust and Former Managing Director, State Street Research; James Owens, President and CEO, Caterpillar; Brian Walker, President and CEO, Herman Miller; Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman, General Motors; Strauss Zelnick, President & CEO, Zelnickmedia; Michelle Peluso, President and CEO, Travelocity; Brian Fetherstonhaugh, CEO, Ogilvy One*; Joe Tucci, President and CEO, EMC; Gary Kelly, President and CEO, South West Airlines; Jim Tobin, President and CEO, Boston Scientific.

The other recipients of the McGovern Award this year are: Ore A. Adeyemi, Jeff Coker, Anil Dharni, Bernard Lupien, Yulia Poltorak, and Mark Roberge.

Prior to enrolling in SDM, Thuvara’s experience spanned manufacturing and operations, entrepreneurship, general management, marketing and communications and international work. He was looking for a graduate program where he could simultaneously hone his engineering and management skills and learn tools to understand organizations – large and small – from a systems perspective. SDM fit that bill.

Thuvara’s current master’s thesis on forecasting and strategic planning around emerging technologies has been selected to be presented at the 26th International Symposium on Forecasting in Spain in June, 2006.

Thuvara holds a master’s degree in Industrial Design from Indian Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has been an Executive member of IIT Delhi Alumni association, the "Best Incoming Student for 1995" at IIT Delhi, and recipient of "1996 Arpan Bannerjee Memorial Award for Outstanding contribution to the culture of IIT Delhi."

Following graduation, he has accepted a product strategy role with Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.