UTC Starts New Tradition

John Boyd, above, speaks to LFM and SDM alumni at UTC dinner.UTC LFM and SDM alumni dinnerUTC LFM and SDM alumni dinnerUTC LFM and SDM alumni dinnerUTC LFM and SDM alumni dinnerUTC LFM and SDM alumni dinnerUTC LFM and SDM alumni dinnerUTC LFM and SDM alumni dinner

With LFM and SDM Alumni Dinner

By Monica Nakamine
October 2, 2003

On Tuesday, September 23, 2003, United Technologies Corporation(UTC) hosted an informal dinner at City Steam in Hartford, Conn. to bring together LFM and SDM alumni who are part of the UTC team, a tradition that has expanded to include SDM. Since UTC, a member of the LFM-SDM partnership, has hired many LFM and SDM alums throughout the years, John Boyd, Vice President of Operations at UTC, thought it only fitting to hold an event that would help them get to know each other, thereby strengthening the ties between industry and academia.

John Boyd, above, speaks to LFM and SDM alumni at UTC dinner.

“I have recently taken on the role of interface between UTC and MIT for the LFM and SDM programs,” said Boyd. “With the active support of a couple of alums, we are intensifying the relationship, in part by facilitating the networking of UTC folks who graduated from the LFM and SDM. The intent was as simple as making sure that everyone knows who each other is, as well as to provide a setting where alums can exchange how they are applying their MIT experience to the benefit of UTC’s business objectives.”

Don Rosenfield, Director of the LFM Fellows Program, said, “This was a wonderful event. It was an excellent way to leverage the strong relationships within the LFM-SDM community at UTC. It was great for me to see so many alumni at the dinner.”

Andrew Muench, LFM ’03 and LDP Associate at Pratt & Whitney, spearheaded and organized the event.

“I was impressed with the turnout, considering that this was the first combined LFM-SDM event we have held at UTC,” said Muench. “Last year, the dinner was strictly an LFM alumni event. This year, we expanded the scope to foster a better LFM-SDM community, and also invited members of the UTC Manufacturing Council and key representatives from Human Resources. The attendance this year tripled over last year, and the dinner generated a lot of positive feedback and excitement within the LFM-SDM community. The excitement and positive feedback generated by this event paves the way for bigger and better events for the LFM-SDM community in the near future.”

“This was a very ‘historic’ and exciting night for us who have been long-time members of the MIT-Industry partnership that supports these two programs,” said Bill Hanson, Co-Director for LFM-SDM. “Based upon my 35 years of industrial experience, we in industry were constantly plagued by the lack of integration of our manufacturing and engineering cultures. To see UTC’s LFM and SDM alumni breaking bread together certainly brings a smile to my face. It is a small, but key first step towards creating the new paradigm that allows both our industrial and academic institutions to more fully value and utilize their engineering and manufacturing expertise as one continuous seamless system.”

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