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SDM Systems Thinking Conference 2010
Presentations and Videos

George Apostolakis, Systems Issues in Nuclear Reactor Safety

Bruce Beihoff, Home of the Future: System of the Future

Joseph Coughlin, Prognostic Aging: Envisioning a Systems Approach to Well-Being Across the Lifespan

Pat Hale, MIT Conference on Systems Thinking for Contemporary Challenges 2010 - Complexity and Innovation in Energy, Sustainability, Healthcare, Service Systems
Recap of Day 1 and Overview of Day 2

Mark Jenks, Boeing's 787 and the Challenges of Complex Global Systems

Kristian Kloeckl, The Senseable City

Richard C. Larson, The Transformation of Service Industries

Blackford Middleton, Re-engineering US Health Care with Health-Care Information Technology - Promises and Peril

Satish Narayanan, Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Urban and Built Infrastructure Development: Opportunities and Challenges in Systems Engineering

Deborah J. Nightingale, Service Systems Innovation for Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress in the U.S. Military: An Enterprise Systems Approach

Kevin Otto, Societal Scale Modeling: Quantifying the Technology and Policies Needed for Global Zero-Carbon-Emission Building Infrastructure

Roberto A. Rocha, Clinical Knowledge Management at Scale: Fulfilling the Promise of Pervasive Computerized Clinical Decision Support for Providers and Consumers

Andrew Scott, Balancing Urban Systems through Design: Decarbonizing Urban Communities for 2050

John D. Sterman, A Banquet of Consequences: Systems Thinking and Modeling for Climate Change Policy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Technology and Innovation in the Service Economy

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