Steve Graves

Elected Chair of the Faculty; Eppinger becomes new LFM-SDM Co-Director

April 20, 2001

LFM-SDM Co-director Steve Graves was recently elected by the MIT faculty to a two-year term as the Chair of the Faculty, effective July 1. At that time, he will be stepping down as an LFM-SDM co-director.

Steve is quick to point out that although he will be less involved in their administration, he is not necessarily leaving LFM-SDM and he foresees maintaining close ties to both programs. "My expectation is that as a faculty member LFM-SDM, and the LFM program in particular, will continue to be the primary place for my teaching and research," he explains.

As Chair of the Faculty, Steve responsibilities will include overseeing faculty governance, co-chairing faculty meetings with President Vest, and serving as the faculty representative to the MIT Academic Council, which is the Institute’s version of the LFM Operating Committee.

Steve is looking forward to using what he has learned at LFM-SDM to serve MIT in this new way. "LFM-SDM, and LFM in particular, has been a place where there has been a tremendous amount of experimentation and innovation in terms of how MIT conducts it business," says Steve. "I have learned a lot and hope that some of this will be helpful as we look at the challenges MIT is facing."

Steve Eppinger, General Motors LFM Professor of Management Science, Professor of Engineering Systems, and Co-Director of the Center for Innovation in Product Development will become LFM-SDM’s newest co-director in July. "I’m absolutely delighted Steve Eppinger is willing and able to step in," says Steve. "He’ll bring a lot of new energy and ideas to LFM-SDM."