Status of Grid-scale Energy Storage and Strategies for Accelerating Cost-effective Deployment


MIT SDM Systems Thinking Webinar Serieskluza

John Kluza, Business Development Manager for Emerging Applications at Satcon Technology

Date: March 28, 2011

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About the Presentation

The development of emerging grid-scale energy storage technologies offers great potential to improve the architecture and operation of the electrical grid. This is especially important in the face of increased reliance on clean, dependable electricity and with the influx of renewable generation and smart grid technology. However, at the present, grid-scale energy storage is still in an early, developing stage.

This presentation brings together a broad overview of the sector, including rough revenue estimates for each individually possible application for energy storage, a high-level overview that includes rough cost estimates of each technology and supplier, and a more focused look at the actual or possible implementations in the market with rough estimates of the systems’ economics in each implementation. It includes a discussion of notable dynamics and potentially effective strategies, based on current industry conditions and existing academic management frameworks. The investigation was accomplished by leveraging prior research in existing literature, and extending it with first-hand discussions with industry leaders and market analysis.

About the Speaker

John Kluza is currently the business development manager for emerging applications at Satcon Technology. At Satcon, he is leveraging Satcon’s solar PV power conversion and grid connection expertise in the energy storage market. Before Satcon, Kluza was an energy storage and smart grid analyst at Lux Research. Before this, Kluza graduated in 2009 from MIT SDM where he investigated the grid-scale energy storage market for his thesis. While at MIT, Kluza worked at A123 Systems.

Prior to attending MIT, Kluza worked for five years as a consulting engineer and application engineer at The MathWorks, creators of MATLAB. Kluza earned his MS in mechanical engineering (Controls/Robotics) at Pennsylvania State University and his BS in mechanical engineering at Lehigh University.

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