Snapshot of SDM Class Entering in Fall 2017

The cohort that entered MIT System Design & Management in fall 2017 is pictured on the steps of Building 10 at MIT.

MIT welcomed a new cohort of 58 early to mid-career technical professionals to the System Design & Management (SDM) program prior to the start of MIT’s new academic year.

Like their predecessors, the class entering in academic year 2018 represent a wide range of industries, including healthcare, US military, energy, software, information technology, US and foreign governments, consulting, and more. They work for well-established companies, new industries, and startups. Several are currently or aspiring entrepreneurs.

• 48 men / 10 women

Average age
• 33

• 36 on campus
• 18 local commuter
• 4 distance

• 43 company-sponsored
• 15 self-sponsored

• Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Ecuador, France, India, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States

Arthur Middlebrooks
Operations Research/Systems Analyst, US Army
“I am an instructor in West Point’s Department of Systems Engineering, so SDM’s leading-edge core courses and MIT electives will help me provide a state-of-the-art education to our cadets and continue to serve my country.”


Sonali Tripathy
Business Unit Head—Women’s Health, Embryyo Technologies
“Since I have been responsible for business development in women’s and children’s health, SDM will enable me to deep-dive into innovation, engineering, and marketing—and create higher impact in the future.”


Eunjin Koo
Manager for e-Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea
“SDM’s emphasis on leadership, teamwork, and diversity will help me develop customized diplomatic information systems applications and collaborate with internal and external colleagues to strengthen e-government capacity.”


Tolu Sodeinde
Global Consulting Director (Oil & Gas), Schneider Electric
“At SDM, I will focus on applying systems thinking with an entrepreneurial focus to several areas: business technology transformation in the oil and gas sector and artificial intelligence/ machine learning in energy sustainability.”


Frederico Calil
Engineering Manager, Whirlpool Corporation
“As an SDM student, I will learn how to manage flexibility and complexity in system design and how to organize an enterprise to effectively deliver projects.”



Sandhya Prabhu
Energy Trader, Boston Energy Trading & Marketing
“SDM’s systems thinking foundation, combined with electives in management, will help increase my effectiveness in business development within the energy/clean-tech space.”


Elizabeth Bieler
Systems Engineer, US Air Force
“At MIT SDM, I want to learn innovative solutions to improve acquisitions engineering and project management. Eventually, I would like to become an engineering director for a major aircraft system.”