Shao Receives Award

Jeff Shao

From MIT for "Serving the Client"

By Monica Nakamine
October 28, 2002

"When I was rushing to get my thesis completed, I dropped my laptop and it cracked," said JC Duh, an SDM alum who graduated in June 2002. "I was literally sweating. I don’t know why, but I went to Jeff. Jeff ended up sweating with me. He experimented with my laptop to see how bad the damage was and determined that the hard drive was not ruined. He took me to somebody who knew how to fix the computer and my thesis was recovered."

From left to right: Chancellor Phillip Clay, Shao, Provost Robert Brown, and Executive Vice-President John Curry.

This is only one example of how Jeff Shao, finance director for the LFM-SDM programs, "serves the client," which happens to be the category that he received the MIT Excellence Award. The award was presented to Jeff, and five other MIT employees for that category, on October 16, 2002 at the Wong Auditorium.

"I feel honored for receiving the Excellence Award – what can I say?" said Jeff, who has been at MIT since 1999. "Even when you’re doing your job, when people give you recognition, it’s very uplifting. You want to do better."

Jeff added, "The LFM-SDM environment makes staff and faculty members want to serve the students, our clients," said Jeff. "I know that I can do a good job by working with people and I’m encouraged by the people around me, both students and staff. Because I like my job and understand the importance of the programs, their success or failure becomes very personal. The programs have become part of my life."

JC Duh was among one of the letter-writers who contributed to Jeff’s nomination. However, everyone who works with Jeff can attest to his deep commitment to helping others in an efficient and effective manner, always with a smile on his face. He inspires others to follow suit.

"I would have to say that Jeff is very humble in his work, with both the LFM and SDM fellows, and especially with partner companies," said Patricia Sullivan, finance assistant for the LFM-SDM programs. "I personally find him to be a very positive role model. What I see in Jeff is always a sense of fairness above all else. He always stops to look at the bigger picture."

"Besides just being a joy to work with, Jeff always takes our complicated and ambiguous requests and turns them into clear, easy to understand outputs that precisely meet our needs," said Bill Hanson, LFM-SDM co-director.

Other award categories included Building Bridges, Fostering an Inclusive Workplace, Leading Change, Making a Difference in our Communities, and Working Smarter/Getting Results. In total, 73 people received the MIT Excellence Award out of the 130 people who were nominated. Approximately 300 people were in attendance to witness their co-workers, friends, and family members receive this coveted award.