Seventeen UTC Employees Receive Certificates

Helen Trimble, Murilo Bonilha, Rich Peruggi, Jane Loda, Virginia Lentz, Pat Hale

By Jon Griffith
February 27, 2004

On Saturday morning, January 31, 2004, the seventeen members of the second cohort of the MIT-Industry Partners System Engineering Certificate Program received their certificates of completion at a ceremony held at Boston’s Museum of Science and hosted by United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

Left to right 1st row: Helen Trimble, Murilo Bonilha, Rich Peruggi, Jane Loda, Virginia Lentz, Pat Hale

In his opening remarks, Pat Hale, Learning Director of the program, praised members of the group for their efforts at completing the challenging program that includes three classes taken at a distance (System Architecture, System Engineering, and Product Design and Development), ten days of workshops, and a year-long systems project completed back in their business units.

“One facet of the certificate program that I found very beneficial was the intellectual freedom to fully explore the systems engineering concepts we were learning,” said Rich Peruggi of Otis Corporation. “In industry, once in a while we get to have some fun when we have an opportunity to apply systems engineering to a "clean sheet" development project, but the clean sheet tends to include the same set of requirements and constraints that accompanied the previous activities, providing a rather bounded environment for pushing the disciplines of systems architecture and engineering to their limits.

“The certificate program enabled us to investigate applying the systems processes to a broad variety of architectures, while still keeping us within the realm of reality as we progressed through the architecture, engineering and development phases. The program provided a useful combination of learning new ideas, refreshing existing knowledge, and blending the old with the new to give us a better perspective of systems engineering for our future efforts.”

Sixteen of the seventeen students, who work at the various business units of UTC, attended the ceremony along with family members and representatives from UTC and MIT. Recipients included: David Backer (Sikorsky), Trevor Bailey (UT Research Center), Murilo Bonilha (UT Research Center), Charles DeGeorge (Hamilton-Sundstrand), Enrico Dellarippa (Otis), Jay Fletcher (UT Research Center), John Gambardella (Sikorksy), Timothy Gaudet (Hamilton-Sundstrand), Jesus Rafael Araque Gonzalez (UT Research Center), Rishi Grover (UTC Fuel Cells), Nathan Hariharan (UT Research Center), Thomas Harris (UTC Fuel Cells), Greg Kiviat (Sikorsky), Bryan Leach (Otis), Richard Peruggi (Otis), and Alan Walling (Sikorsky).