SDM Fellows Create MIT’s First BigData Club

Peter Gloor

Inaugural event, featuring Sloan’s Peter Gloor, scheduled for April 25 and open to all

By Lois Slavin
April 18, 2013

The newly-formed BigDataExplorers@mit, the Institute’s first student club dedicated to big data, has announced its inaugural event, "COOLHUNTING: Tracking the Emergence of New Ideas through Individual, Organizational, and Social Network Analysis." Scheduled for April 25 in E51-149, the presentation will be delivered by MIT Sloan’s Peter A. Gloor, a research scientist at the Center for Collective Intelligence. Registration is free and open to all. Refreshments will be served.

According to the club’s co-founder and president, Rohan Kulkarni, the goal of BigDataExplorers@MIT is to create a platform to enhance understanding of various aspects of big data, explore its applications in a variety of fields, and network with other big data experts and enthusiasts. Kulkarni, a fellow in MIT’s System Design and Management (SDM) program, emphasized that while the BigDataExplorers@MIT is student-run, membership is open to all members of the MIT community, alums, and the big data community at-large.

"Big data applications are so diverse and spread across so many industries that we felt it was imperative to create a common platform at MIT that would bring together folks from various domains and with varied expertise to discuss and explore this fascinating field," said Kulkarni. "We invite everyone to attend Dr. Gloor’s presentation and to get involved in developing the club’s speaker series and other activities."

Gloor will introduce and discuss the concept and framework of "coolhunting", which deals with analyzing the process of new idea creation by tracking human interaction patterns on three levels: global, organizational and individual. He will then describe projects in all of the aforementioned realms and engage the audience in a Q&A. An informal networking session will follow, along with a brief meeting for anyone who is interested in becoming a club member.

BigDataExplorers@mit was co-founded by Kulkarni, along with Carlos Alvidez, Sascha Boehme, and Juan Esteban Montero, who are also fellows in MIT’s System Design and Management program, and Aditi Kulkarni, Program Manager at Cigna. SDM is the club’s sponsor.