SDM alum and LFM student represent ESD at SHPE Conference

LFM student Claudia Sonnet and SDM alum Stella Oggianu

By Lois Slavin, ESD Communications Director
January 28, 2005

On January 7, 2005, SDM alumna Stella Oggianu and LFM ’05 Claudia Sonnet represented ESD and all of its academic programs at the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 2005 annual convention in Dallas, Texas.

Sonnet, who will received both an MBA and an SM when she graduates from LFM, also participated in an MBA panel. "The panel was very well-attended and several undergrads sat at my table during lunch to learn more about LFM and other ESD programs," she reported. "Until then, many had been only considering traditional masters programs."

Oggianu added that although most applicants to ESD programs will need some post-graduation work experience, ESD’s presence at the SHPE convention was important. "They are now aware of a wider variety of options for their graduate studies and careers."

LFM student Claudia Sonnet and SDM alum Stella Oggianu representing ESD at the 2005 Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers’ convention.