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LFM, SDM, and RISD students collaborate for Eppinger’s course

By Monica Nakamine
June 12, 2003

As the final project review for Professor Steve Eppinger’s Product Design and Development course, presentations were made by 14 teams of MIT and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) students at Brown University’s Bell Gallery List Art Center on Saturday, May 10, 2003. From staged business pitches to humorous dramatizations to taste tests, teams showed off their prototypes as creatively as they had designed them.

"I thought this year’s projects were excellent, focusing on all facets of the product design and development process," said Michael McNally, a program officer for the Lemelson-MIT Program, who was also one of 17 panelists. "This course shows students that each phase of the product development process is crucial to the final outcome. An over-reliance on any one facet or a lack of focus on, say, marketing, design, or intellectual property issues, could result in failure for a potentially viable product. Also, this course stresses teamwork, which I believe is vital in "real-world" projects."

With only 25 minutes to make a case for their products, teams provided demonstrations and highlighted details around forecasted profitability and marketability, consumer need, and technical aspects. Audience members, including the 17 panelists, also had the chance to comment and ask questions.

Led by Eppinger, the MIT teaching staff for the course included: Senior Research Scientist Dr. Daniel Whitney; Assistant Professor Thomas Roemer, who will be teaching the course next spring while Eppinger is on sabbatical; and Senior Lecturer Dr. Clifford Whitcomb. Matthew Kressy represented RISD.

About the Products

Hot Blade Ice Removal Device
An alternative to other ice-removing mechanisms, the Hot Blade Ice Removal Device resembles an ergonomically designed snow shovel. The blade heats up to melt the ice on driveways, walkways, and sidewalks.

Team members: Chuck DeGeorge, Tim Gaudet, Rishi Grover, Tom Harris, Maurice Weinberg, and Jim Weisheit.

Chevy Rock and Roll
As one of two projects based on the Chevy SSR, the Chevy Rock and Roll is a retractable compartment on wheels. Modeled after the Harley-Davidson line of accessories, this product snaps into the bed, storing small items for protection and easy transportability.

Team members: Jennifer Chang, Anthony Faranca, Peter Haughton, Steve King, Satish Krishnan, Jane Lee, Joe Levesque, John Sharkey, and Nisheeth Singh.

Ice Cubed Fun
Team Ice³ created a two-panel contraption that folds and snaps shut — pour water into the centrally located spout, screw the lid on, and store it in the freezer. The square frame accommodates vertical and horizontal stacking. Because the water/ice is completely concealed, odors can’t affect it. The rubber used to line the frame also allows for easy removal.

Team members: Mike Amati, Richard Anthony, Josh Binder, Jim Chow, Elena Cohen, Joe Flaherty, Shion Hung, Richard Lee, and Tanja Vainio.

The Neater Sweeter Sugar Dispenser
Meant for the Starbuck’s-type of coffee shop, The Neater Sweeter Sugar Dispenser replaces those messy sugar packets and inexact pourable sugar containers. Mounted to the wall, the frame holds a removable canister that is filled, and refilled as needed, with sugar. The lever on the frame releases exactly one teaspoon of sugar each time it is pressed.

Team members: Brian Chesky, Matthew Gates, Mark Hagan, John McGrath, Blaine Paxton, Venky Rao, Roland Sargeant, Vivian Shao, and Lucia Wu.

Chevy Cooler
The second product created around the Chevy SSR, the Chevy Cooler is a storage device with two detachable side compartments that has the capacity to keep food and drinks either warm or cold.

Team members: Krissa Arn, Michelle Bernson, Carlos Gonzalez, Chris Lim, Soy Park, Mauricio Salazar, Lee Souder, Michelle Stevens, and Mike Zeppieri.

H2Go Collapsible Water Bottle
With a flick of the wrist, an empty seven-inch-tall H2Go Collapsible Water Bottle is reduced to a one-inch cylinder that can be erected again with another twist.

Team members: Joe Adiletta, Brett Balazs, Gregg Cherbonneau, Rob Higby, Matt Joing, Eduardo Malaga, Lauren Rudy, Christos Sermpetis, and Alison Wong.

The Ironman 2000
The Ironman 2000 was made to better accommodate specific clothing parts while ironing. With a wide-open slit in the middle of the narrow-most end, pant legs and shirtsleeves can easily slide onto one of the panels.

Team members: Bevin Barbarich, Amber Chesborough, Richard Han, Gavin Leung, Robert Lin, Ripley MacDonald, Alfredo Reynoso, Padmaja Vanka, and Mike Volpe.

Essentially, the ICEholes concept is similar to Ice Cubed Fun, functionally speaking – join and lock the two-sided mold, pour the water in, secure the cap, and store in the freezer. However, design aspects and final outcome are different. The tray, with the spout at one end, is long and creates round ice.

Team members: Joern Kallmeyer, Katrina Lundberg, Oren Moked, Kim Murdoch, Chris Pandolfo, Mike Parkins, Jonathan Rheaume, George Sawyer, and Amy Vallely.

Mach 2 Turbo Lite
If you need a flashlight when a blackout occurs, you can never find one that works. As a solution, this team came up with the Mach 2 Turbo Lite, which sits on an induction-charged base (think Sonicare toothbrush). Regular battery replacement is unnecessary.

Team members: Dave Becker, John Gambardella, Keith Harrison, Greg Kiviat, Alan Walling.

hikari sake
Taking a cue from the home-microbrewed beer trend, hikari sake is a device that allows users to create home-brewed sake.

Team members: Beilene Hao, Bryna Kaplan, Peter Kosa, Keen Sing Lee, Phil Lin, Patiwat Panurach, Robert St. Aubin, Gina Terada, and Richard Willey.

Remote Rescuer
The Remote Rescuer is a device that audibly tracks the location of a missing remote control. According to color codes, each control is given a “sound.” When it is misplaced, you can press the appropriate color on the base console, and the missing remote will sound off.

Team members: Trevor Bailey, Murilo Bonilha, Jay Fletcher, Rafael Araque, Nathan Hariharan, Dan MacInnis.

The uNbrella is designed for total coverage regardless of body type or rainfall direction. When opened, the uNbrella is oval, creating more coverage either in front or in back, according to need. The user can rest the vertically angled bar of the uNbrella on his or her shoulder while holding the end for balance.

Team members: Dan Allison, Erik Bue, Jason Chen, Tim Golnik, Steve Herren, Adam Kornick, Craig Rottenburg, Rachel Steinbein, and Farrah Sit.

Circular Saw Laser Sight
Targeted for the do-it-yourself consumer, the Circular Saw Laser Sight is a circular saw attachment that facilitates accurate linear cutting.

Team members: Henry Dellarippa, Bryan Leach, John Penney, Rich Peruggi, and Stan Prutz.

SunShapes provides easily adjustable and non-permanent shading for automotive windshields and windows. The “fun” aspect resides in the various shapes, sizes, and silhouettes the product comes in.

Team members: Jennifer Atlee, Mike Brylawski, Yuliya Frenkel, Julie Smith, Rachel Theran, Jose Valdes, and Cara Wilson.