Online Seminars

Connect LFM-SDM community — near and far

By Monica Nakamine
March 28, 2001

As an experiment to connect LFM and SDM students and alumni, Paul Gallagher, research associate, is facilitating a series of live webcasts called the LFM-SDM Online Seminars to test the effectiveness of webcasting technology as a means of strengthening the LFM-SDM community.

"These webcasts provide a knowledge transfer mechanism so that LFM-SDM alumni can be involved with MIT without having to travel to campus," said Gallagher. "It’s another way of connecting MIT and industry, which is what LFM and SDM are all about."

Guests that have presented an online seminar to the LFM-SDM community include:

Professor Steve Graves (12/15/00)
"Supply Chain and Modeling Optimization"
Graves discussed the design and planning of supply chains, including issues of choice of supplier when configuring a supply chain, where to place safety stock and how much to store for an existing supply chain.

Professor Sara Beckman (1/18/01)
UC Berkeley Haas School
"Vertical or Virtual Integration"
Today’s companies are grappling with the decision to virtually integrate or own tangible assets. Beckman outlined the differences between the two while raising questions about vertical and virtual integration.

Dan Greenberg (2/15/01)
Director, eStrategy at Mainspring
Greenberg discussed eRelationships as they apply to B2B Internet applications and establishing collaborative networks.

"I thought the whole idea was absolutely fantastic — a great way for several of us all over the country to tap into the resources and knowledge of Steve, LFM and MIT," said Abizer Gaslightwala, LFM ’00 graduate, referring to the December webcast. "In addition, the content was excellent."

The next LFM-SDM Online Seminar will be held in April (date TBA). Please visit to get more information on these and future webcasts. Paul Gallagher can also be reached at