On Developing Business Architectures: A Multi-Framework Evaluation of an Early Stage Enterprise


MIT SDM Systems Thinking Webinar SeriesMario Montoya

Mario Montoya, SDM alumnus and Manager, Business Development, OmniGuide, Inc.

December 20, 2010

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About the Presentation

This presentation examines the efficiency and effectiveness of using multiple frameworks to analyze an early stage enterprise within the medical technology industry, Lentesco Luminarium. The company faces a critical choice between two growth strategies: vertical penetration within existing modalities or horizontal growth into new modalities, so Montoya will explore what tools might inform and guide the executive team to make the right decision for Lentesco’s particular industry, maturity, and size. In addition to the standard Lean Advancement Initiative suite of tools, he uses Nightingale and Rhodes’ eight Enterprise Architecture views, Kaplan’s Balanced Scorecard, Piepenbrock’s Evolution of Business Ecosystems, McKinsey’s 7S framework, and Grave’s Spiral Dynamics. He concludes that Lentesco needs to improve transparency and communication, and he suggests the use of the McKinsey 7S framework to put concepts into perspective as simply as possible. For a multiple perspective evaluation, he suggests the EA 8 Views framework.

About the Speaker

Mario Montoya joined MIT’s System Design and Management Program (SDM) in 2009, where he conducted research on an early stage enterprise as a part of two class projects and his master’s thesis. After graduating from MIT with an MS in Engineering and Management, Mario joined the business development group at OmniGuide, Inc. to assess and develop new markets for their technology. Prior to OmniGuide, Mario participated in the development and manufacture of aerospace composites for various primes such as Honeywell, Boeing, and Rolls-Royce at Texas Composite, Inc. He holds a BS in mechanical engineering from MIT.

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