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LFM, SDM, RISD and UTC certificate students invent products

By Lois Slavin
May 11, 2002

The setting was Bartos Theater. The program starred new product prototypes, developed for 15.783J/2.739.J/ESD.32J (Product Design and Development). The cast included thirteen interdisciplinary teams of graduate students in management, engineering, and industrial design from MIT Sloan, MIT School of Engineering, United Technologies Corporation, and Rhode Island School of Design. And the audience? An enthusiastic group of over 200 students, spouses, professors, industry executives, and venture capitalists — some who have been returning for years to witness the culmination of this annual 15-week class.

They weren’t disappointed. The day-long session, held May 11, contained all of the excitement of opening night, including last minute adjustments and nervous anticipation. But when it came time for the show to go on, each team’s performance shone, illuminating concepts, igniting discussion and debate, and ultimately sparking appreciation and applause. Dr. James G. Hannoosh, MIT Ph.D ’75 and principal of American Bailey Venture, a private equity firm in Stanford, CT observed, “Some of these students did more in three months with $1,000 than some companies I’ve seen who’ve worked for two years with two million dollars.”

Hannoosh, by the way has attended these events for four years as a member of the judging panel. “These presentations and projects were the best I’ve seen in my tenure here,” he added.

The class was taught by Professor Steven Eppinger and Dr. Daniel Whitney of MIT and Matt Kressey of Rhode Island School of Design, with project advice from Professor Thomas Roemer and Dr. Cliff Whitcomb. Each team made a 25-minute presentation, including a product overview video and a live demonstration. It also involved short discussions of key product design and development concepts, such as customer needs, industrial design, intellectual property, concurrent engineering, and supply chain.

The class is a popular elective among students in the Leaders for Manufacturing ( program and System Design and Management ( program.

Here are some highlights of the products presented that day:

Xcart Scooter

The Xcart, an environmentally friendly “shopping scooter”, comes complete with an attached collapsible basket that can be used to transport groceries. Team members: Eric White, Antoine Guivarch, Matthew Capeci, Aileen Kim, Tyson Lawrence, Joe Mauriello, Thomas Salopek, and Susan Tang.


Snowboard SuperThong

The Snowboard SuperThong enables snowboarders of all abilities to safely and easily exit ski lifts. Team members included Adam Brady-Myerov, Jef Bratspis, Peter How, Mark Kama, Natalie Marchant, James Sampson, Abraham Schneider, and Jason Seay.



The Alieno, a portable book stand that adjusts to the height of reading materials. Developed by Jagmeet Arora, Juan Garcia-Gayou, Leona Karnali, Kathryn Maguire, Omar Nieves-Hernandez, Leonide Saad, Eun Suk Suh, and Aaron Tsui.


Segway Docking Station

The Segway ™ Docking Station. Developed for U.S. Postal Service workers who will use the Segway scooter to make deliveries, the Segway Docking Station is a traditional mail storage/transfer box modified with an internal retractable ramp that stores and recharges one scooter. Team members: Elaine Au, Laura Bogusch, Tom Evans, James Katzen, Andy Muench, Lincoln Sise, Thomas Threadgold, and Greg Webb.


Stand ‘n Plant

Stand ‘n Plant, developed by the Garden Mate team. The hydraulically-powered Stand ‘n Plant is a bulb planter that enables gardeners to work without having to bend or kneel, allowing easier, faster, more productive work. Garden Mate team, members: Leandre Adifon, Gery Dyer, Zakiul Kabir, Bill Lamberti, J. Ricard Munoz, and Brad Summer.


Bag Pipe

The Bag Pipe is a telescoping tube with swivel-mount hooks that fits to the width of almost any car, mini-van, or SUV. It secures plastic grocery bags and their contents throughout diverse driving maneuvers, including accelerating, turning, and normal or sudden braking. The Bag Pipe was developed by a team of engineers from United Technologies Corporation (UTC) who took the class via distance learning as part of the UTC Certificate Program offered by MIT’s System Design and Management Program. They included Nick Amicao, Raymond Burke, Steve Chisaril, Barton Hainsworth, and Phillip Love.



The FASTrack is a multi-position, Flexible, All-purpose, Sport Truck Rack that allows vehicle owners to make their trucks longer, taller, shorter and sportier and can be used as a spoiler or a cargo holder for the inside or top of the vehicle. Development of the FASTrack was funded, in part, by General Motors. Team members included Oliver Bergmann, Brian Bowers, Sheila Bragg, Claire Gerhardt, Steve Hendricks, Lee Koa, Daniel Kops, Ted Piepenbrock, and Lou Rassey.


Kid B Safe Child Locator

The Kid B Safe Child Locator is a two-way device that allows parents to quickly locate young children who may have wandered away in a supermarket, mall or similar location. Team members: David Gerez, Estevan Guerrero, Robert Hacking, Mack Lund, Daniel Park, Hyerin Park, Erik Smith, and Tee Welton.



The easy-to-use-and-assemble, disposable Zwing toothbrush holder, aimed at hotels and motels, holds toothbrushes securely and upright and enables them to dry quickly. The team worked closely with the general manager of the Marriott Residence Inn in Cambridge, who provided feedback to the Zwing team on the concept and its design. Team members included Jim Anderson, Mike Gopinathan, Ignacio Grossi, Johannes Hartick, Jaco Pretorius, and Christine Wong.



The mBaby, the mobile baby stroller, has a unique design that enables it to easily ascend or descend stairs. Developed by Annabel Flores, Vida Killian, Brianne Metzger, Richard Nardo, Elizabeth Oh, Carla Pienknagura, and Zhenwei Zhao.


Personal Coffee Device

The Personal Coffee Device brew fresh coffee for those on the go. Team members: Vince Chacon, Chip Dickerson, Josh Epstein, Nathan Everett, Stephanie Hsu, Wes margeson, Trevor Richardson, and Eric Varady.


Hotwire TX Universal Remote Home Automation

Hotwire TX Universal Remote Home Automation is designed to provide remote access and control to all home devices.Team members: Daryl Hemingway, Harris Lieber, Jyoti Mukherjee, and Prash Shirolkar.


Eyeblink – Reinventing Receipts

Eyeblink – Reinventing Receipts is a receipt management system that enables cash register receipts to be transferred electronically to devices on keychains or within PDAs, then downloaded later onto a PC. Team members: Olaf Bleck, Catherine Chen, Eliot Cohen, Joe Foley, Ankur Goel, Anju Jaggi, Kimberly Lai, Jennifer Li, and Scott Rosenberg.


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