New Faculty Member

Kenneth Oye

Kenneth Oye Joins ESD Faculty

January 29, 2004

ESD Co-Director Daniel Hastings announced that Kenneth Oye has been named to a joint appointment as Associate Professor of Political Science and Engineering Systems at MIT. Professor Oye holds a BA in Economics and Political Science with Highest Honors from Swarthmore College and a Ph.D in Political Science with the Chase Dissertation Prize from Harvard University. He has taught on the faculties of the Kennedy School at Harvard University, the University of California, Princeton University, and Swarthmore College.

After serving two terms as Director of the MIT Center for International Studies (1992-2000), Professor Oye is now forming a Political Economy and Technology Policy Program within the Center. Together with Dan Hastings, Dava Newman, and Merritt Roe Smith, he serves as co-PI on an NSF Integrated Graduate Research and Training program on “Assessing the Implications of Emerging Technologies.”

Professor Oye has published six books and numerous short studies in international relations, political economy, and science and technology policy. His books include Economic Discrimination and Political Exchange, Cooperation Under Anarchy, and a four volume series on Carter, Reagan and Bush administration foreign policies. His articles examine international export financing issues, regulatory diversity and trade, and a range of science and technology issues. He is now completing books on environmental regulation and trade and on uses of compensation in political economy. He has launched two projects that apply theories of political economy to problems of science and technology policy. With Lawrence McCray, he is studying knowledge assessment in areas marked by controversy over scientific issues. With Alliance for Global Sustainability and Finnish Environmental Institute support, he is examining the effects of environmental, health and safety regulations on the competitive position of firms.

Professor Oye’s teaching includes courses on Science, Technology and Public Policy, a Research Seminar in International Relations, and a course on the International Political Economy of Advanced Industrial Countries. He received the 1998 Graduate Student Council Outstanding Teaching Award in Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts and the 2003 Technology and Policy Program Faculty Appreciation Award.

Professor Oye has served as a consultant to the U.S. Trade Policy Coordinating Committee on export financing issues (2002-2003), as a member of the Advisory Committee to the US Export-Import Bank (1999-2001), as Director of the Seminar XXI Program (1994-2000), as an Editor of the journal World Politics (1983-87), a Trustee of the World Peace Foundation (1997-present), and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He has been a co-PI on a MacArthur Foundation Joint Harvard-MIT Transnational Security Program and on research projects on economic and environmental issues funded by the Alliance for Global Sustainability, the Center for Global Partnership, NEDO, MISTRA, and the Institute for International Economics.