LFM and SDM Alumni to Hold Annual Conferences in October

By Jon Griffith
August 29, 2005

Once again the LFM and SDM alumni will be holding their annual alumni conferences this fall.

This year’s LFM conference, "Innovation in the Enterprise," will be held Oct. 20 – 21, 2005 at the San Jose State University, San Jose, CA For more information on the LFM conference, go to http://lfm.mit.edu/conf05/. A special reception to honor Don Davis, longtime Senior Lecturer in leadership for LFM, is being planned.

This year’s SDM conference, "Fostering Innovation and Leading Organizations," will be held October 27-28 at MIT. For more information on the SDM conference, go to https://sdm.mit.edu/conf05/.

Both conferences include great speakers as well as opportunities for networking and meeting old and new friends.