Hiring SDM Fellows

System Design and Management (SDM) fellows typically have 5-10 years of successful experience before entering the program. This background, combined with MIT’s state-of-the-art education in managing complex systems, makes SDM fellows among the most highly sought graduates of MIT. We work closely with employers to find the best route to publicize your positions and company, ranging from hosting information sessions to posting summer and full-time positions, coffee chats to one-on-one resume reviews. We also have collections of current student resumes that can be shared with potential employers for direct outreach.

SDM takes pride in educating leaders who will work in traditional engineering management roles as well as in nontraditional positions. Titles held by our graduates in industry include:

  • Senior product manager
  • Systems architect
  • Director of hardware engineering
  • Vice president of engineering and technology
  • Software engineering manager
  • Senior technical program manager

More recently, SDM fellows have also chosen to enter nonprofit, financial, and consulting arenas. They hold such titles as:

  • Senior consultant
  • Manager of corporate strategic planning
  • Analytics engagement lead
  • Head of commercialization

For additional information on SDM hiring information, please see our Employment Report.

Companies interested in hiring SDM fellows should contact Amanda Peters, Manager, SDM and IDM Career Development, at acpeters@mit.edu.

All information is accurate as of June 2019 and is subject to change.