ESD Student Society Formed

By Heidi Davidz, ESD Ph.D. Candidate
January 29, 2004

This past week marked the first official meeting of the ESD Student Society (ESS). The organization’s purpose is to build the ESD student community while strengthening the new ESD degree programs.

Now officially registered as an MIT graduate student organization, the ESS supports the 44 students in ESD’s PhD, TMP PhD, and ESD SM programs. This organization will organize seminars, surveys and social activities.

ESS’ first advisor is Professor Daniel Hastings, Co-Director of ESD. Although the initial focus of ESS is to establish the ESD PhD and ESD SM communities, the group also hopes to build collaborative relationships with student councils for the other ESD Master’s programs.

Particularly in an interdisciplinary program such as ESD, a sense of community can catalyze collaboration. By unifying ESD students from across the Institute, ESS can invigorate the intellectual discussion defining the foundations and possibilities for MIT’s Engineering Systems Division.