eBusiness Awards

Participation helped strengthen ties with Sloan

By Monica Nakamine
May 17, 2002

This year’s eBusiness Awards (eBAs) Ceremony, Sloan’s annual extravaganza celebrating the best in eCommerce, on April 17, 2002, was successful in part thanks to the backstage crew, which was mostly comprised of SDM students. Though it was a show of goodwill on their part, the individuals who volunteered did more than put on a show – they promoted SDM in the process.

“Within Sloan, many more people know about SDM now because of our involvement with the eBAs,” said SDM student Carol Ann McDevitt, who was stage manager and lighting director. “I worked directly with several MBA students and had an opportunity to tell them about SDM. I think it’s valuable that the MBAs know us as a group that is willing to participate in extracurricular activities. I also think it’s really important that the Sloan administration understand how interested and involved we are, and want to be, in Sloan.”

Sridhar Sadasivan, the assistant stage manager for the event, echoed McDevitt’s remarks. He also felt that, through his participation, he was able to represent SDM.

“Raising the prominence and visibility of SDM within and outside Sloan is critical for long-term success of the SDM program,” said Sadasivan. “Quite a few Sloanies now know what the SDM program is really about. A few of them said that if they had known about this program before, they would have applied to SDM rather than Sloan.”

The SDM students who volunteered were among a high number of participants that represented the program. Of the 20 on-campus students, six were involved in the eBAs. Dick Schmalensee, Dean of the Sloan school, recognized SDM’s contribution in his opening comments.

Other SDMers who were part of the backstage crew included:

  • Deepak Seth – Assistant Stage Manager
  • Vince Chacon – Stage Assistant
  • Stella Oggianu – Winner Escort
  • Dave Willmes – Plasma Screen Operator