Davicia Neves Receives Infinite Mile Award

Davicia Neves, MIT’s Infinite Mile Award for Excellence winner

By Lois Slavin, LGO-SDM Communications Director
June 18, 2009

On April 29, 2009, Davicia Neves was honored with an MIT School of Engineering Infinite Mile Award for Excellence. The award is bestowed on a select group of individuals who are doing work at MIT that is of the highest quality. The honorees stand out not only because of their high level of commitment to their work, but also because of the enormous energy and enthusiasm that they bring to it.

According to her nomination letter, "Davicia is one of those unsung heroes upon whom we all depend. She personifies everything that the Institute could want in an employee – friendly competence, strong analytical abilities, excellent customer service orientation, and a desire to ensure that accuracy and efficiency go hand in hand. She exemplifies an ethical base and a clear understanding of the unique mission that a research university such as MIT plays in the world."

ESD Financial Assistant II Davicia Neves, a recent winner of MIT’s Infinite Mile Award for Excellence, with her husband Jonathan Neves (right) and ESD Fiscal Officer Jeffrey Shao.
(Photo courtesy of LGO-SDM)

Hired as ESD Financial Assistant II in 2004 to assist MIT’s Engineering Systems Division, the Leaders for Global Operations Program and the System Design and Management Program and ESD’s fiscal officer, Neves has since assumed primary responsibility for many of the division’s financial processes on a day-to-day basis. Those contributing to her nomination noted that she took her increased responsibilities in stride while maintaining the high quality of her work.

Pat Hale, director of the SDM Program, said that "Many of SDM’s needs require creating relationships with new vendors and assisting with unique or unusual purchasing requirements…Davicia’s extraordinarily effective customer service attitude and rapid response to emergent requirements is truly exemplary. SDM owes her a debt of gratitude for her extra effort and constant professionalism."

Don Rosenfield, director of the LGO Fellows Program, said that Davicia "…has mastered her job dealing with the significant financial complexity of LGO. She has been a bright and shining star at LGO."

Among Neves’s accomplishments are:

  • Overseeing various parts of the LGO and SDM budgets and providing comprehensive budget guidance to faculty and students for internship travel and relocation.
  • Training new staff and
  • Managing LGO’s complex $5M billing system.

She also assumed the co-captain’s role of the staff getfit@mit team for the second year in a row.

As one reviewer noted, "If you knew Davicia, you would know that she comes from a deep ethical and spiritual wellspring and she believes profoundly in the intrinsic value of all people."

Neves said, "I feel extremely honored to receive the Infinite Mile Award. These phenomenal programs house exceptional staff and faculty, with whom I have the pleasure of interacting every day. Working with such friendly people who are always appreciative of any effort put forth makes my job all the more enjoyable. I am truly grateful to be a member of the LGO/SDM team."