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Pat Hale, Systems Thinking Comes of Age

Yossi Sheffi, A Response to Complex Challenges: MITs Engineering Systems Division and the Emerging Field of Engineering Systems

Peter Senge, How Radically Reducing your Company's Carbon Footprint Could Hold the Key to Strategic Innovation and Sustainable Growth - A Systems Approach

Olivier de Weck, The Darwinian Principle Applied to System Design: Theory and Applications

Annalisa L. Weigel, The Final Frontier: Spacecraft Go Modular

Paul Murray, The Power of One: Using a Systems Approach to Embracing and Communicating the Environmental Ethic

Lee Ng, Creating New Business in a Large Company

Michael Schulte, TechnoVision Bridging IT and the Business

Nancy Leveson, Applying Systems Thinking to Risk Management in Complex, Socio-Technical Systems

John deVadoss, The Software + Services Wave

Dharmesh Shah, Agile Startups - Build Great Businesses Like You Build Great Software

MIT System Design and Management Site