Capgemini VP Discusses Why Companies Fail or Succeed in Managing Change

Kalpesh GargKalpesh Garg

By Lois Slavin, LFM-SDM Communications Director
December 22, 2008

Students in MIT’s System Design and Management Program recently hosted Kalpesh Garg, Vice President in the QA Services of Capgemini’s Financial Services group. Garg delivered a presentation on organizational change management and its impact on business executives. He covered the inevitability of change, the importance of change management, the reasons why change management efforts fail, and how to manage it successfully. Click here to view his presentation.

After Garg spoke, Helen Trimble, Director of SDM Career Development, outlined the unique perspective that SDM students can bring to an organization and the value they can add. A discussion about potential internships and positions with Capgemini followed, noting the advantage of recruiting SDM students year round.

Garg complimented the quality of questions that SDM students asked during his presentation and the luncheon session that followed. He said that SDM’s curriculum not only meets industry’s growing needs, but also produces future leaders who have a unique combination of IT and business perspectives, which is a niche skill in today’s world. In addition, he appreciated the versatility and mix of experience and background of SDM students.

Garg speaking with SDM students.

Samir Sawant, SDM 2008, and an organizer of Garg’s visit said, "All SDM students have significant work experience and with the unprecedented downturn in the economy and the continued innovation in communication technology, change is inevitable at both organizational and individual levels. We are very grateful to Mr. Garg for sharing his experience in how to implement organizational and technological change. This will be very useful to us."

Kalpesh Garg, Vice President,
QA Services, Capgemini.