Audio Search Company Founded by SDMs Gains Major Client

Ben JiangCynthia Munoz

By Kathryn O’Neill
December 6, 2010, a speech indexing company founded by two alumni of MIT’s System Design and Management Program (SDM), has announced that its deep audio search technology will now be offered as standard feature to all UbiCast Video Hosting customers.

“Our mission is to unlock and discover the vast amount of spoken content that exists on the web and in media assets,” said Nexiwave CEO Benjamin Jiang, SDM ’08.

“UbiCast customers produce large amounts of high-value content, but finding and retrieving archived information has been a challenge. Until now, rich spoken content has not been searchable on a broad scale,” said UbiCast Chief Technology Officer Florent Thiery. UbiCast is a leading provider of automated rich media capture products, including EasyCast, a solution for creating and sharing professional video webcasts, and ForuMedia, a solution for one-push online publishing.

Founded by Jiang and Cynthia Munoz, SDM ’08, Nexiwave was inspired by the pair’s experience in SDM. “Frustrated by our inability to search our previous conversations, we discovered that no tool was available that allowed people to search their own voice data,” the two wrote in a 2009 SDM Pulse article. “We therefore set out to create one-first for the purpose of fulfilling SDM’s thesis requirement.”

Launched in September 2008, Nexiwave has continued to expand. The company’s services now include audio search, speech-to-text output for speech analytics, automated subtitles, speaker segmentation, and transcription time stamping.

Photo by L. Barry Hetherington

Photo by L. Barry Hetherington