After all, it’s a small world

The MIT-SDM '06 Running Team completed a road race in honor of Boston's fallen police officers.

SDM runs for charity

By Sergio D. Ybanez, SDM ’06
Reprinted courtesy of News@MITSloan
March 21, 2006

Nine SDM ’06 students participated in the Boston Run to Remember road race recently. The group ran as part of the MIT-SDM ’06 Running Team established just for the event. Jessica Kopczynski ran the half-marathon and the rest of the group rest ran the fast five-mile race. (See race results below).

The MIT-SDM ’06 Running Team completed a road race in honor of Boston’s fallen police officers. From L-R, Jessica Kopczynski, Leticia Soto, Michelle Sacka, Sergio Ybanez, Adrian Aguirre, Nick Cravalho, Will Hagan, and Bob Corby. In front, Sorin Grama.

The race, held on March 12, was the second annual running of the event that takes runners through Boston’s historic sites while honoring Boston’s fallen law enforcement officers. Net proceeds from the event go to Kids at Risk Programs throughout Boston.

The journey began at the Seaport World Trade Center to the cheer of endless spectators and headed toward the charm of Faneuil Hall, the beauty of the Boston Common, the grandeur of the State House, and the tranquility of the Charles River.

Why they ran:

Besides the opportunity to hang out with friends, get some exercise on a Sunday morning and push themselves to new personal records in five-mile runs, the SDMers ran because the race was a tribute to our local heroes. Having just begun the SDM program earlier this year, the runners also do their best to participate in extra-curricular activities to establish their SDM cohort and get to know each other better.

How they felt after:

Having run the race, it would be an understatement to say how ecstatic and fulfilled the group was in having broken past five-mile race personal records. Everyone enjoyed the moment and it was a perfect time to catch up with the SDM distance students who the on-campus SDM students only get to interact with during video-streamed classes.

This race was the kick-off event for more team-building and fun road races in the future.

Half-Marathon (13.1 miles)
Name Net Time Pace per mile
Jessica Kopczynski 1:58:20 9:02
5 Mile Race
Name Net Time Pace per mile
Will Hagan 36:18:00 7:19:00
Leticia Soto 39:19:00 7:55:00
Nick Cravalho 40:06:00 8:04:00
Bob Corby 40:19:00 8:07:00
Adrian Aguirre 40:51:00 8:14:00
Sergio Ybanez 41:36:00 8:22:00
Sorin Grama 44:18:00 8:55:00
Michelle Sacka 49:26:00 9:57:00
Average 41:31:37 8:21:37