Pre-Arrival Checklist


Financial Certification Form

All incoming international students must fill out the Financial Certification Form from the International Students Office.

Course Registration/Bidding

For general information, see the Course Registration page.

Self-Introduction Questionnaire and Video (MUST be submitted no later than August 5, 2019)

Self-Introduction Questionnaire: Tell us a little bit about yourself by filling out the self-introduction questionnaire using the link sent to you via email. This information will then be compiled into a picture book, which will be shared with you all before the Boot Camp.

Self-Introduction Video: Please share a short (less than 2 minutes please!) video to introduce yourself.You can touch on things that are important to you – family, places you’ve lived, your career/work, outside interests, etc. Think about the things you’d like to know about your classmates and share with them those same kind of details about yourself. It would also be helpful if you can briefly explain “why SDM?”; what has compelled you to become part of this cohort. Feel free to be creative and fun with your approach to the video.Please submit your video via Stellar.Please reach out to Rutu Manchiganti ( if you have not received the email with the link to the questionnaire and information about the Stellar site.


Information Technology Setup


Soon after you are admitted, you will receive instructions on setting up your MIT computer account (called an Athena or Kerberos account), which will also create your MIT email address. Once that is completed you should install the MIT and Personal Certificate in your supported web browser of choice.

Please refer to the Getting Started guide for all MIT students on the Information Services and Technologies (IS&T) web page. This page has detailed instructions on creating your Athena (Kerberos) account, installing certificates, and setting up MIT email. It is also the place to go for laptop purchasing guides and resources, as well as links to free software available to all MIT students. Resources are also available here on where to get IT help on campus.

If you are having trouble setting up your account, contact Accounts Support at or 617.253.1325. For help with certificates or any other MIT IT issue, contact MIT Support at or 617.253.1101.

Virtual Community

The SDM Virtual Community is a resource for the SDM, IDM, and LGO staff, faculty, alumni, students, and affiliated company representatives to share information. Recruiting, billing, and connecting with alumni via search are some of the resources built into the SDM Virtual Community. You will receive account information from soon after you are admitted to the program.

Once you have your Kerberos name and MIT email address, be sure to log in to the Virtual Community and change you email address to your MIT email address.

If you have any issues with the Virtual Community, assistance is available via email at


To obtain a MySloan account, you must be an admitted student with an Athena (Kerberos) account. MySloan accounts are requested for students by the SDM program staff; please do not request a MySloan account yourself. Registering independently will not give you the necessary SDM setup guide options you need. The SDM staff will request a MySloan account for you before you arrive. You will be notified of account details via email, usually around the first day of classes.

Please visit the Sloan Technology Pre-Arrival Checklist for laptop setup guides, scripts, and software to set up your laptop before you arrive at SDM.

For help with MySloan, contact the Sloan Help Desk in the basement of E52 during office hours: M-F 9-5, or email

Distance Site Connection Information

SDM distance students must use MIT’s distance software to connect to all classes. Please contact Bill Foley, SDM program coordinator: academics & distance learning (, if you have any questions.