On Campus

MIT has many options for graduate students who prefer to live on campus, including separate residence halls for students with and without families. Visit the MIT Housing Graduate Residences page for detailed information about these options, including locations and costs.

An online application is required to obtain housing on campus. Applications for the fall semester are available starting in late March/early April, and applications for the spring semester are available starting in late October/early November. Note that MIT can only accommodate about a third of its graduate students in on-campus housing.

Visit the MIT Housing website for more information.

Off Campus

The MIT Housing Office provides listings, help with temporary housing, the rental market, and landlord issues. The Housing Office also has information about sublicensing housing, an especially useful option during the January “boot camp” period for students who are new to the area.

View the Division of Student Life’s Housing Postcard.

Note that SDM does not recommend any particular residence option. We strongly urge you to contact current students to learn about their experiences and base your decisions on their testimonials.

Visit the MIT Off-campus Housing website for more information.


The MIT Housing Office local hotels page offers tips on choosing a hotel in the area, as well as a listing of those near campus. SDM does not endorse any of the hotels mentioned.