Course Registration

Sloan Bidding

SDM students are guaranteed seats in all required SDM courses, but the MIT Sloan School of Management uses a bidding process for electives. This system is designed to ensure students get into the courses they need for their degrees and to assign spots fairly in popular classes.

Bidding for the fall term occurs in late June for new students, and for spring in early December (there is no bidding in summer). Students can be confident of creating an SDM course schedule that will meet their needs, even if some bids are not successful. Sloan elective courses that do not close during bidding will be open for enrollment at the start of the term in which they are offered.

The bidding process itself is fairly complex, so new students are strongly advised to attend SDM’s online bid training session, which will occur in mid-June. Watch for an email from Bill Foley, SDM’s academic administrator, in early June for details about exactly when and how the bidding training will be conducted.

For more information, visit This website is also the best and most accurate source for the Sloan schedule of classes.