To qualify for MIT’s System Design & Management (SDM) program, candidates must either:

  • hold an M.S. in engineering or an equivalent degree and have three or more years of professional experience in a technical field, including some leadership experience;
  • hold a B.S. degree in engineering or a hard science and have five or more years of professional engineering experience, preferably combined with some graduate engineering education.

In addition, candidates should:

  • have experience contributing to a product or system development initiative; and
  • have had some responsibility as a group or team leader

All factors in an applicant’s record—both educational and professional—are important. In the final analysis, the SDM program considers not only an applicant’s suitability but also the contribution that each individual can make to the class.

Therefore, all finalists for SDM admissions will be required to attend an on-campus or video interview prior to receiving a final decision. These applicants will be contacted directly by the SDM Admissions Office.

Applicants are encouraged to visit the program office and/or to contact a current SDM student or alum in industry for more information. To make arrangements, please email sdm@mit.edu.

All information is accurate as of August 1, 2018, and is subject to change.