Do I need to be an engineer to apply to System Design & Management (SDM)?

SDM students typically come from engineering and science backgrounds, but the program does accept students from other disciplines on a case-by-case basis.

What are the application requirements?
You can find the application requirements listed on the Application Requirements page.

Do I need to have an interview as part of my application process?
Only finalists for SDM admission will be required to attend an on-campus or video interview prior to receiving a final decision. These applicants will be contacted directly by the SDM Admissions Office.

What management/engineering electives can I take at MIT?
MIT offers an exhaustive list of courses. Some information about choices will be provided during the August session. For international students, you may also want to reach out to student contacts with similar backgrounds to discuss your options in detail.

What courses can I take outside MIT?
SDM fellows can take classes at Harvard Business School (HBS), Harvard Law School, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and elsewhere. For complete information about cross-registration, visit MIT’s Office of the Registrar.

How do I register for Harvard Business School courses?
MIT students can cross-register for HBS courses, but not all HBS courses are open to cross-registration. Visit Harvard’s site for more information.

Do SDM fellows normally do internships?
SDM does not require an internship, but internships are a good way to gain valuable experience. Note that 12-month students typically do not have time to do an internship, and international students on the F-1 visa have to be registered as full-time students and reside in the United States for nine months before they are eligible for an internship.

Are any bank loans available to SDM fellows?
Several loans are available to US citizens and permanent residents. International students should approach banks in their own countries for a loan as it can be difficult for international students to get loans in the United States. For more information about funding your education, visit MIT Student Financial Services.

What are my housing options?
For housing during the August session, you may be able to sublet an apartment from a student who is traveling. Check MIT Housing for sublets as well as Craigslist. Hotels are another option, but local rates are often high.

Should I get medical insurance from my home country?
We recommend you check with MIT Medical Center to make sure the insurance complies with Massachusetts state laws. Our experience is that buying medical insurance from MIT is usually a better option. However, be sure to have a doctor complete the medical form sent to you before you arrive. You will not be allowed to register for classes without this form.

Do I need to bring an international driver’s license with me?
Although you will need to get a Massachusetts driver’s license, it is recommended that you bring your international driving permit with you.

All information is accurate as of August 1, 2018, and is subject to change.