Master’s Program

Master’s Program in Engineering and Management

Each year, System Design & Management (SDM) enrolls an elite group of 50 to 55 high-potential, early to mid-career professionals who:

  • represent diverse academic and professional backgrounds; and
  • share two common goals—they want to be systems thinkers and they want to lead.

Successful SDM candidates also demonstrate:

  • strong leadership potential;
  • systems thinking capability; and
  • a propensity to excel in integrating engineering and management.

Many SDM fellows:

  • hold one or more advanced degrees;
  • have held responsible positions in organizations representing a wide range of industries; and
  • have worked as product development managers, systems engineers, analysts—even vice presidents and CEOs.

The typical SDM student:

  • is an engineering professional in his/her mid-30s (range 25-50+); and
  • has 10 or more years of work experience (range 3-20+).

A typical SDM cohort:

  • comprises students from up to 20+ countries who bring with them a diversity of cultural backgrounds, knowledge, and experience that enhances MIT’s vibrant, rich learning environment; and
  • learns not only from classroom professors, but also from classmates through cohort-building endeavors and team assignments.

All information is accurate as of August 1, 2018, and is subject to change.