Student Contacts

This list of contacts is designed to provide a resource to prospective and accepted fellows in the System Design & Management (SDM) program who are seeking help with questions specific to their own circumstances.

North America     

Nathan Bower, SDM '14Nathan Bower, SDM ’14
Field: Software / information technology
Hometown: Palmer, AK
Program option: Part time, distance
Tip: Apply early, have fun, and enjoy the company.



Olivia Qing Gao, SDM '14Olivia Qing Gao, SDM ’14
Field: Information technology
Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Program option: Full time, on campus
Tip: The SDM experience is highly inspirational and customizable. You will find there is always more information, more events, more opportunities to take in at any moment, so time management is essential. Focus on your goal, plan ahead, start early, be thoughtful, productive, and have fun. Develop the best of yourself and help your cohort to become the best if you can.


Alfredo Guerrero, SDM ’14Alfredo Guerrero, SDM '14
Field: Automotive
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Program option: Part time, distance
Tip: MIT offers the possibility to get your family involved in many ways and activities; share the experience! As a distance student, take advantage of the IAP [Independent Activities Period] and business weeks on campus to create and strengthen relationships with other MIT students.

Sgueglia, John VC finalJohn Sgueglia, SDM ’14
Field: Automotive
Hometown: Schenectady, NY
Program option: Full time, on campus
Tip: Take advantage of the diverse experiences that your cohort will have and the exciting learning environment that MIT offers.


Stanford, Joe VC finalJoseph Stanford, SDM ’14
Field: Energy and transportation
Hometown: Arlington, VA
Program option: Full time, on campus
Tip: Keep your options open and stay flexible in your plans! Be prepared for surprising things—new ideas, new perspectives, and opportunities you may never have thought of. And remember that opportunities and eye-opening experiences can come from many places—not just your coursework and your professors, but also from fellow students and the amazing abundance of extracurricular activities.


Hamdouch, Ilias VC finalIlias Hamdouch, SDM ’14
Field: Strategy and systems architecture in renewable energy and information technology domains
Hometown: Casablanca, Morocco
Program option: Full time, on campus
Tip: Build on your strengths and hone in on those leadership skills. MIT and SDM offer tremendous opportunities for personal and professional development. In regards to your area of research, take time with literature review and meet as many people as you can to consider the theme and the potential topic. Having mentors and a peer group to consult with on a regular basis will make all the difference in your research project, your classroom experience, and your next career step. Remember to also make time for the variety of activities MIT offers!


Oluwasoga Oni, SDM ’14
Oni, Oluwasoga VC finalField: Information technology
Hometown: Ile-Oluji, Nigeria
Program option: Part time, commuter
Tip: SDM offers a wide array of approaches to systems thinking, so come prepared to be challenged. Also, make sure to take advantage of the myriad activities and events going on within the community. Lastly, actively look for opportunities to collaborate/network with people within and outside the SDM cohort.


Jan-Cor Roos, SDM '14Jan-Cor Roos, SDM ’14
Field: Aerospace
Hometown: Pretoria, South Africa
Program option: Part time, commuter
Tip: Make sure you are very clear on your reasons and objectives for doing the SDM program. This will be very important to making decisions during the program.


Choo, Chris VC finalChristopher Choo, SDM ’14
Field: Motorsports events, engineering management
Hometown: Singapore
Program option: Full time, on campus
Tip: Take advantage of the wide variety of courses offered throughout MIT, and learn from your classmates as much as you share your own unique experiences with them. Also, don’t forget to attend talks and seminars by thought leaders and industry professionals who will change the way you view the world.

Nachiket Joshi, SDM '14Nachiket Joshi, SDM ’14
Field: Lean operations and supply chain management
Hometown: Pune, India
Program option: Full time, on campus
Tip: MIT in general, and SDM in particular, will offer you a lot of choices. The wide range of electives coupled with the program flexibility makes SDM a unique learning experience. No matter what your career background, you will find what you are looking for here at SDM. It is up to you to be proactive and search for the correct electives! The core courses, of course, will give you a systems perspective to solve complex engineering problems in your own domain. The 13-month, on-campus option can be challenging at times, but can be conquered through proper planning, collaborative teamwork (most SDM courses have projects that require you to work in teams), and, most importantly, selecting the courses that perfectly match your career goals.


DisplayImageFlorian Heinemann, SDM ’15
Field: Aerospace
Hometown: Hamburg, Germany
Program option: Full time, on campus
Tip: MIT is an incredibly helpful and collaborative place and, while the amount of course options you have in SDM might look daunting at first, there will be plenty of support during the first weeks to make the best choices. It helps, though, to already have a couple of industries and themes of interest in mind to pick conferences, classes, and talks. Also don’t hesitate to reach out to any one of us. We are all more than happy to help prospective students.