Student Contacts

This list of contacts is designed to provide a resource to prospective and accepted fellows in the System Design & Management (SDM) program who are seeking help with questions specific to their own circumstances.

Arthur J. Middlebrooks, SDM ’17
Field: Defense (US Army)
Hometown: West Bloomfield, MI
Program option: On-campus,Full time
Tip: Be open to new experiences, but have a plan! SDM, as well as the broader MIT community, provides innumerable options and opportunities for academic, professional, and community involvement. With this wide range, it is easy to become over-extended. As you think about your journey at SDM, identify the skills–regardless of experience level–you’d like to cultivate; if you can think of it, MIT probably does it and does it extremely well. To be sure, those interests may change, but your plan will keep you focused on what’s most important to you. 

Javier Gotschlich , SDM ’17
Field: Entrepreneurship, Technology & Venture Capital
Hometown: Chile
Program option: On-campus,Full time
Tip: Prepare yourself to be challenge and navigate the MIT world. Set specific goals and milestones before arriving to Cambridge in order to make better decisions and take advantage of everything – clubs, resources, activities and opportunities – the university and the program offer.

Austin Page , SDM ’17
Field: Defense
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Program option: On-campus,Full time
Tip: The purpose of this experience is to learn and to grow. Continue to push yourself both personally and professionally and don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone! SDM is a great way to meet people that come from different countries, backgrounds and fields of study. Learn to leverage their experiences to come up with solutions that are innovative and different than what you would have done individually. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help, you have a network of students and faculty that want you to succeed!

Eric Xu , SDM ’17
Field: High-Tech
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Program option: On-campus,Full time
Tip: Start at MIT by managing your time wisely. Here you find tons of wonderful events and opportunities, many of them you may never imagine but with too many of them you will be distracted. For the precious time invested here, identify what are the most meaningful to you and stay focused to root deeper and grow taller at MIT.