A ‘Giant’ Star Among Us

Brian Birkett and Nick Cravalho, SDM '06, at AT&T Park

Nick Cravalho is featured in a Giants Commercial

By Amy MacMillan, LFM-SDM Communications Assistant
March 8, 2006

Nick Cravalho, SDM ’06, is such an avid San Francisco Giants baseball fan that he starred in one of their TV commercials.

Cravalho says he has rooted for the Giants ever since he could walk. As a child, he, along with his father and grandfather, attended many of the team’s home games. Baseball runs deep in the Cravalho family, as his grandfather who passed away in the early 1990s, played semi-pro ball in the 1930s.

(L-R) Brian Birkett and Nick Cravalho, SDM ’06, at AT&T Park.

Just before Cravalho graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 2000, he and a buddy, Brian Birkett, purchased season tickets in the bleachers. "We didn’t have jobs yet, but we decided ‘Let’s just live life and do it,’" Cravalho says.

In 2004, Cravalho’s ticket rep asked if he wanted to be in a television commercial promoting a fan campaign at the Giants’ SBC Park, which is known today as AT&T Park . The theme that year was: "Giants Baseball at SBC Park is THE PLACE TO BE."

Both Cravalho and Birkett "auditioned" at a Friday night game versus Giants’ arch-rivals the Dodgers. As "Bleacher Creatures," they heckled the centerfielder and were promptly invited for a callback the following week. The two were filmed in various locations throughout the ballpark along with other loyal fans. "It was cool. We got to go out on the field and they had a film crew in the bleachers," Cravalho remembers.

Following nearly two hours of filming, the final cut was a five-second visual of the two of them on the field with Cravalho saying, "I haven’t missed an opening day in six years." The end of the clip featured just his voice: "I live and breathe Giants baseball."

The SDMer enjoyed his brief moment in the spotlight, but admitted after so much filming he thought the clip would be longer than five seconds. "But it was great to have my five seconds of fame," he adds.

As a kid, Cravalho had another brush with celebrity when he played All Star baseball in Japan with future Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady. "He was in sixth grade and he played in a different league. He was tall for his age and he was a very dominant player," Cravalho says.

While he’s attending the SDM program, he won’t use his Giants season tickets, but he does plan on catching a few Red Sox games. He’s quick to add that his loyalty hasn’t wavered. "The Giants will always be my favorite team no matter where I go…but I’m looking forward to going to some games at Fenway and rooting on the Sox."