27 Complete Year-Long SDM Certificate Program

Graduates of the MIT SDM          Certificate Program pose with members of the          SDM faculty and staff.Greg Andries, UTC (Pratt & Whitney), and family        before the ceremony.Pat Hale, Program Learning Director, with Scott Thomson of Hamilton-Sundstrand

By Jon Griffith, Operations and Partner Integration
August 27, 2004

On Saturday morning, August 21, 2004, the twenty-seven members of the third cohort of the MIT Systems Engineering (SDM) Certificate Program received their certificates of completion at a ceremony held at Boston’s Museum of Science.

Graduates of the MIT SDM Certificate Program pose with members of the SDM faculty and staff.

Greg Andries, UTC (Pratt & Whitney), and family before the ceremony.

In their remarks, Pat Hale, Program Learning Director, and Helen Trimble, Program Manager, praised members of the group for their efforts at completing the challenging program that includes three classes taken at a distance (System Architecture, System Engineering, and Product Design and Development), ten days of workshops, and a year-long systems project completed back in their business units. Also, singled out for appreciation was the support provided by the students’ families and significant others, whichmade it possible for the students to complete the program while working full-time in their companies.

Ginny Lentz, from Otis Elevator and the lead member of the UTC On-Demand Competency Team that worked with MIT to develop the program, also spoke. Sheoted that MIT and UTC had cooperated to move the certificate program from its three-year pilot phase to steady state, in large part due to the efforts of the students who made the program so successful.

Twenty-five of the twenty-seven students from United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and ArvinMeritor were in attendance along with family and representatives from UTC and MIT. Certificate recipients included:

  • Junghyun Ahn, Pratt & Whitney
  • Gregory C. Andries, Pratt & Whitney
  • John R. Arruda, Hamilton-Sundstrand
  • Luiz Fernando Huet de Bacellar, United Technologies Research Center
  • William F. Beaver, Jr., Sikorksy Aircraft
  • Benjamin E. Bishop, Jr., Hamilton-Sundstrand
  • Craig D. Bogli, Otis Elevator
  • Ray Carmichael, Pratt & Whitney
  • Kaz Doi, Otis Elevator
  • Edward J. Eshelman, ArvinMeritor
  • Richard Fargo, Otis Elevator
  • Michael Fedor, Sikorsky Aircraft
  • Richard A. Fitts, Sikorsky Aircraft
  • Sundar Jayaraman, UTC Power
  • Christopher S. Keeney, ArvinMeritor
  • Jeanne Larsen, Hamilton-Sundstrand
  • Mark Joseph Lutian, Sikorsky Aircraft
  • Christine L. Lutz, ArvinMeritor
  • Ary O. Mello, Jr., Otis Elevator
  • Christian M. Netter, United Technologies Research Center
  • Bhimashankar Nitta, UTC Fuel Cells
  • Ha-Anh Pho, UTC Fuel Cells
  • Arthur M. Salve, Jr., Pratt & Whitney
  • Jason Philip Siegel, Pratt & Whitney
  • Ray Spagnuolo, Sikorksy Aircraft
  • Scott M.Thomson, Hamilton-Sundstrand
  • Jie Xiao, United Technologies Research Center

Pat Hale (right), Program Learning Director, congratulates Scott Thomson from Hamilton-Sundstrand.