San Francisco Bay Area Tech Trek 2014

During the week of March 23-28, 21 SDM students, three other staff members, and I visited California’s San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley for a Tech Trek. We visited App Dynamics, Google Ventures, Intuit, Palantir, Salesforce, SanDisk, Tesla, and Yelp—eight companies in four days. We also carved out time to mingle with SDM alumni at a private event held at Picchetti Winery in Cupertino. We were fortunate that Wassim Bassalee (’09), Deep Bhattacharjee (’07), Harish Doddala (’12), Cheri Markt (’09), Cynthia Munoz (’08), Abhijith Neerkaje (’12), Varun Parmar (’04), and Leena (’11) & Aravind (’10) Ratnam were all able to join us at the mixer. We also saw Karthik Malli Mohan (’08) at SanDisk. We would like to extend special thanks to those who helped us along the way, especially Abhijith, who ensured that we were able to meet with top leaders at SanDisk and Sam Chow (‘05), who came to the info session.

If you didn’t receive email invitations to the mixer and live in the area, please review your profile, especially your preferred address, in the Virtual Community. If you encounter any difficulties, send me an email.