Career Paths

System Design & Management (SDM) graduates find a wide range of career opportunities open to them. With their MIT master’s degrees in engineering and management, most are highly successful in securing top positions. Employers recognize that the academic rigor of SDM, together with the diversity of thought and professional experience shared among SDM fellows, faculty, and staff, equips SDM graduates to lead across disciplines and to solve complex problems throughout organizations.

SDM graduates are hired into a wide range of functions, including product design and innovation; research and development; engineering management; general management; operations; project management; information technology; software development; marketing; and sales. Industries that have hired SDM alumni include aerospace, defense, government, information systems, telecommunications, energy, banking, and consulting.

These diverse career opportunities add to the richness of the SDM academic experience. They also provide avenues for SDM fellows to explore new careers as well as to strengthen and enhance their technical and leadership skills for renewed effectiveness in their current positions. SDM takes pride in educating leaders who will work in traditional engineering roles as well as in nontraditional positions. Titles held by SDM graduates throughout their careers include:

  • Senior product manager
  • Systems architect
  • Director of hardware engineering
  • Vice president of engineering and technology
  • Vice president and chief technical officer

In recent years, SDM fellows have also chosen to enter the nonprofit, financial, and consulting industries. They hold such titles as:

  • Senior consultant
  • Manager of corporate strategic planning
  • Vice president of wealth and investment
  • Director of business strategy

In addition, SDM graduates have gone on to join professional leadership programs and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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