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MIT Conference on Systems Thinking for Contemporary Challenges

Addressing Complexity in Health Care, Energy, Space, and the Environment

October 22–23, 2009, at MIT


SDM’s annual systems thinking conference provides opportunities for systems thinkers to learn practical applications from some of the world’s leading innovators—MIT faculty members, industry leaders, and each other.

The premise of this annual conference is that complex challenges require a new way of thinking, working, and leading that incorporates disciplines formerly seen as separate or, at best, linked. Conference speakers will illustrate ways to apply an interdisciplinary, "systems thinking" approach to business that integrates technology, management, and social sciences.

Speakers at the 2009 event, "Systems Thinking for Contemporary Challenges," will discuss best practices for applying systems thinking to some of the most pressing and complex challenges of our time: health care, energy, space, and the environment. This event has been carefully designed to provide practical information that can be applied across industries, so that attendees can demonstrate value to their companies when they return to the office.

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions of our speakers, as well as to network with other systems thinkers attending the conference.

As of this writing, the following speakers have been confirmed:

From MIT:

Health Care Experts:

Energy and Sustainability Experts:

We invite you to join us on October 22-23, 2009. Details and registration information can be accessed via the links at left. For additional information on the event or to become a conference sponsor, contact John M. Grace, SDM industry co-director,, 617.253.2081.

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