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Gigawatt Wind Power: Supporting U.S. 20 Percent Wind Generation by 2030

Lawrence D. Willey, Manager, Wind Conceptual Design, GE Infrastructure-Wind, Advanced Technology Operations

Electricity generation and potable water are two of the most pressing concerns for humankindóboth now and for the future. Addressing these issues requires an interdisciplinary, multitiered, systems approach. It will take a broad range of power production technologies to meet our needs, and one relative newcomer that is increasingly important is modern, utility-scale wind.

This presentation will show how technology, management, and social needs are taken into account when applying value analysis or value engineering principles at all levels of power systems design and optimization. The results will illustrate how solving this problem yields benefits for individuals, governments, and future generations, while at the same time supporting profitability and growth for businesses that employ these techniques.

The presentation also will demonstrate a straightforward and first principles approach, offering audience members an increased awareness of the importance of leadership in applying systems-level analyses.

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